Take pleasure in the small things

The one reason I LOVE Europe so much is that they take things a little slower…they stop and smell the roses.

I feel like Canadians are moving at such a quick pace that sometimes, we forgot to take it slow and just be in the moment.

No-one reminds me more of that than my husband, Rui. In a world where we are all moving at the speed of light, he takes the time to send me flowers ‘just because” text me mid day to say hello or tell me he loves me. Those moments are the ones that make my heart smile.

We can all take a page from Rui’s book and take it slow, enjoy the small moments in life and stop rushing to get to the next thing.

The best things in your life are right in front of you – right now, today. So enjoy every moment.

And so; this long weekend I plan to enjoy the sunshine, read a book (or at least try to), have a glass of wine and enjoy my family and friends.

Wishing you all a great Canada Day long weekend.


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