About Ana

Ana Cruz, The Mortgage Agent

Ana Cruz is an accredited mortgage professional and partner of the award-winning  L A Mortgage Team. Ana brings over 25 year of business experience and knowledge from fields spanning, Mortgage Lending, Real Estate, Retail and Construction.

Ana’s focus is on helping her clients find the right solution for them.

Born into a family of entrepreneurs in the construction industry, Ana easily guides her clients through the steps involved in CONSTRUCTION mortgage lending. Helping clients realize their ability to fund the build of their dream home or construction project.Helping clients who don’t fit into the ‘bank’ box due to BRUISED CREDIT or SELF EMPLOYED income is where you will want Ana in your corner, she will find a solution for you. FIRST-TIME HOME BUYERS appreciate the attention to detail, guidance and time spent during every step of their first mortgage experience.Ana is committed to helping her clients build wealth through the purchase of INVESTMENT PROPERTIES whether it’s their first or 5th+ property.

Specializing in helping FIRST-TIME HOME BUYERS, clients with BRUISED CREDIT, SELF EMPLOYED income and CONSTRUCTION mortgages.

Experience the LA Mortgage Team difference, when working with Ana Cruz.


Ana Cruz,  The Person, The Entrepreneur

From personal life to work life, Ana is always giving back, she has been or is involved in numerous committees including parent volunteer for the Burlington Bayhawks U17G, Committee Member for Aldershot Community Honour Roll, Board Member/Director for Aldershot BIA, Contributor to the Plains Road Village Vision and the Contributor to the Burlington Waterfront Committee, Public Relations & Communication Chair for the Junior League of Hamilton-Burlington, Ontario Chapter Member for Canadian Mortgage Professionals.

Food4Kids is a cause near and dear to Ana’s heart. Food4Kids ensures that children in Halton don’t go hungry. It’s hard to imagine that in this day and age, we still have children in our community that go home hungry everyday?  Food4Kids help feed those children. Ana and her team at the L A Mortgage Team have taken an interest in supporting Food4Kids in everything they do.

We all know those people who say, as a kids I always knew I wanted to be a doctor, or lawyer, etc. Well Ana is no different. Did she grow up thinking she was going to be a mortgage broker? NO, but she knew that she would one day own her own business. Entrepreneurship has run in her families veins for centuries. As far back as she can go, Ana recalls all of her family members being self employed. Her mother and father ran a successful construction company over 40 years until her father retired. Her maternal grandfather  was a mason and owned his own business back in Europe along with her uncles. Her paternal grandfather was a farmer. As a women, Ana is proud to be one of the first female entrepreneurs in her family.


Ana Cruz,  The Mom, The Wife, The Entertainer, The Traveller

Ana and her husband Rui live in Burlington, Ontario with their two kids.  Getting married at a young age and having children in her early twenties, Ana dedicated her early years to raising her children and making a home for her family. The kids are grown up and adults planning their own lives with Matt having graduated University at 21 and Daniella in University currently.

Rui and Ana have always loved entertaining, from hosting annual family luau’s for their friends and family to hosting wine and cocktail parties with friends.  A night at the Cruz house is always one filled with food, drink and lots of laughter.

Discovering the world is now top of Ana’s Life List. For anyone who knows Ana, will know that she “has a list for that”, with travel that is no different. Once a location is decided upon, a list, a map and a journal are started. Ana’s collection of travel videos are growing and on her upcoming list is travelling to Machu Picchu,Peru before 2020,  taking a photo on the famous tree lined road in Tuscany-Italy, Enjoying a sunny day on a little hut over the water in the Maldives, sleeping under the stars in a glass igloo in Switzerland …let’s be honest, everywhere!


Connect with Ana

cell: 905.870.0513

email: ana@lamortgageteam.com

Language spoken: English, Portuguese.